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mr roboto
Mr. Roboto

It has been predicted that the artificial intelligence industry will skyrocket in 2017. As it advances, artificial intelligence will incorporate emotional intelligence and the skills to replace jobs across the world, making life a lot more convenient.

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30 Signs You're a True Dog Parent

A young female airedale terrier leading the pack as Chief Barketing Office at Ville Magazine. I love bones, sticks, anything that squeaks, walks on the beach, my mom and dad, other dogs, little humans and of course, Ville Magazine. Follow me on Instagram @atlastheairedale!


making that paper
Make That Paper

I grew up in a home where wallpaper was pasted in every room. In my bedroom, ballerina slippers danced along the top and bottom each wall until they were replaced with Tigger from Winnie the Pooh in high school. Don’t judge me. I loved that bouncy happy cat.

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Must Have Apps for Dog Owners

Having a dog is similiar to having a child. It can be a lot of work, but the love you feel for best friend is unconditional. Whether you have a free or busy schedule, having extra help never hurts. Check out this list of must have mobile apps for your dog from finding it friends to chilling it out.


power of hope
The Power of Hope

The name Hope Solo will forever be associated with US women’s soccer. Her historic records for the most appearances (202), wins (153), and shutouts (102) surpass even her male counterparts. Hope has played hard and fought hard, earning her title of one the world’s top female goalkeepers. 

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The Power of Your Birthstone

There are significant ties for when we are born in relation to "who" we are - may it be by the minute, day, week, month or year. Perhaps the most recognized association is that of the zodiac - when people ask you what's your sign. But in earlier times one's birthstone was just as significant.