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LUZIA: It Was All a Dream

The circus has finally arrived in the Seattle area - well the "Cirque" that is. The highly anticipated touring show, LUZIA, premiered this past Thursday under the Big Top inside Marymoor Park. Opening nights are always a big deal - it's the first impression; it sets the standard on what to expect.

Cinematic Imagination that Predicted the Future: Science

Finding a way to control the uncontrollable or uncovering the unknown through science makes a terrific movie plot. The ideas draws the audience in being so far fetched and ethically disturbing. But does fiction stop nonfiction scientific minds? Nope. Here are few movies to prove that in part 2 of Cinematic Imagination that Predicted the Future.

The Blue, the Blood, and the Super Moon

photo credit: Blood Moon from Kerry Park in Seattle l imgur In 2017, the greatest phenomenon that hit our western hemisphere sky was the fully visible solar eclipse during which millions observed. Social media feeds were flooded with pictures and comments for an observed once in a lifetime opportunity.

Cinematic Imagination that Predicted the Future: Technology

Albert Einstein stated, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Without imagination, technology, space, medicine, genetics, etc wouldn't advance because we couldn't imagine the possibilities.

One Night Stand at Tulalip Resort & Casino

A couple months ago, I received an invitation to experience a night at Tulalip Resort & Casino. Up to that date, the only resort and casinos I stayed at were in Las Vegas at multiple spots on and off The Strip. I didn't really think Tulalip could live up to that kind of luxury and entertainment.

9 Natural Health Alternatives for Your Dog

In today's world, prescribed medication for dogs are just as common as humans. It seems that whatever injury or pain we may be experiencing a prescription is written, but they can take a toll on our livers and kidneys. While some may be necessary, for others there are alternatives that work just as well if not better.